Still having Computer Troubles!!!

2013-03-31 22:28:14 by ThePivotsXXD

So sometime next week I'll be getting my CD's in the mail that should fix up my computer! While I wait on said disks I will be planning out my next few cartoons for April. I'm aiming on doing Friday Cartoons again, and hopefully I can open up commissions once I graduate early May. I might be spending the summer with my girlfriend so I will be a bit inactive once I go there. I will however, might participate in NATA or TOFA (or both) Depending on how I feel. Stay tooned my friends...


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2013-04-01 00:09:57

Hope you fix your computer, and good luck with NATA/TOFA!

ThePivotsXXD responds:



2013-04-01 12:39:21

Hey man, you're a really awesome animator and I wish you the best of luck in Nata/tofa tornament.
But, has the theme for the open round be announced yet? I've visited the Nata site but I haven't seen what the theme is, but I think that my just my computer being slow as normal.

ThePivotsXXD responds:

I was announced today!


2013-04-01 14:42:42

Good to hear it's working out. OS CDs?

ThePivotsXXD responds:

Most likely.


2013-04-01 23:26:31

ya, ya no seas nena y baja un flash portable y anima en un cyber con una usb, como lo hizo el pendejito de dardaniel, y segun tu muy pinche chinguetas y sigues con esas mamadas, tsss ahi se ve el profesionalismo

ThePivotsXXD responds:

lmao. Here's the translation!
ya, baby do not be portable, low and flash animations with a usb cyber, as did the pendejito of dardaniel, and according to your very fucking chinguetas blowjobs and follow with these, there is tsss professionalism


2013-04-03 03:55:25

Wierd xD